“A man should not swallow poison because he is afraid to spit & offend others” African Proverb  
Day 5 Friday 12th February 2010 I wasn’t eating very much, which was difficult because I love food. I had some soup & a pot of tea & some more prunes that day, & finally managed to empty my bowels  for the first time at 21:45 that evening since the surgery!  It was a relief to know that all my regular body functions were  returning to normal Blessing of the day: By the end of day 5, the sharp chest pains had gone, & I was finally able to breathe without difficulty or pain. It was good to be home in my own bed. Day 6 Saturday 13th February 2010 For the first time since the surgery, I had the sensation/ urge  of needing to urinate! Before then, I wouldn’t feel a thing up until the very second I needed to urinate. Which in itself was a challenge, because it now took me longer than ususal to get to the loo. Fortunately, there were no mishaps. Blessing of the day : I emptied my bowels again & realized again, how the “little things” we take for granted, are usually the most important ones! I felt like I had gone from a strong, independent, active, healthy adult, to a dependant, weak infant needing care & attention around the clock. I’m don’t follow astrology, but I’m a Leo, & ‘losing’ my independence was very difficult for me to deal with, even if it was for just a short time. I couldn’t get out of bed, dress myself , bathe myself, use the toilet, or walk unassisted, everyday was an uphill climb -I had hit rock bottom. I was in pain, I was constantly tired, I felt weak, often nauseous, my uterus felt like it was rattling around in my body threatening to fall out anytime I stood up or urinated, & I just wanted it all to go away. I had to keep reminding myself that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. If I kept fighting it, I would only feel more pain than necessary. I stopped swimming up-stream & made peace with what was. One day at a time. 1 year, 3 months, 9 days later, I’M OK, & so glad to be alive! In the next (final) part of the Fibroid Series, I will share what changes I made, to try & ensure I stay healthy & off the O.R table.       
Part VI