“A man should not swallow poison because he is afraid to spit & offend others” African Proverb  
Day 2 Tuesday 9th February 2010 The nurse came in first thing in the morning, to give me some morphine for the pain. The day began with an attempt to get out of bed & walk around for the first time. With the help of 2 nurses & my husband, I managed to walk exactly 10 steps, before my insides  threatened to make their way up my esophagus & out of my mouth. The Itch in my throat from day 1 had cleared , but the blue liquid was still making its’ way out of my body. I was allowed to remove the Foley catheter, (thank God) because I managed to convince the nurses I was determined to make it to the toilet. (Truth is, I loathed that tube stuck in my urethra, & I would do or say anything I had to , to have it taken out) I urinated for the first time since the surgery- at  20:30 that evening. I also took my last dose of morphine  that afternoon. Firstly because I didn’t want all those drugs in my system, & secondly I had no desire to numb everything out, because of fear of pain. I wanted to feel as much as possible so that I had a story to tell. Blessing of the day: I was  alive & on the mend:) Day 3 Wednesday 10th February 2010 First thing in the morning, I had the blood drainage catheter removed from my stomach. I walked around the hospital ward a little, even though I was very short of breath & in pain, & later that morning, my monthly period started. Which meant- surgery pain & period pain- lucky me! Blessing of the day: The blue liquid had completely made its way out of my system by the time my period started;). So no, no purple business going on. Day 4 Thursday 11th February 2010 The doctors were keen to keep me at the hospital until Friday, but because I had a language exam pre- scheduled for early Friday morning, I had to leave the hospital that afternoon. I left the hospital shortly after midday. The car ride was very bumpy. I climbed 60 stairs & finally made it into bed. I had a few prunes later that evening to encourage bowel movement , since there was no evidence of any. I still had sharp chest pains when breathing & talking. Both were exceedingly painful to do. Blessing of the day: From the minute I discovered the tumor, until I was fully recovered, my husband was amazing! (and still is). Not only did he cancel his pre-scheduled business trip, but he also took a week off work, checked into the hospital with me & had his own bed right next to mine, & LITERALLY held my hand through this entire chapter :)))       
Part V continued
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