“A man should not swallow poison because he is afraid to spit & offend others” African Proverb  
Fibroid Series Part III- Taking charge of my body.   The doctors  asked me how I suspected something strange was going on in my body , & I explained that I felt a small lump protruding from my lower abdomen every morning, & it seemed to 'disappear' during the day. I soon found out that the reason for this, was that the fibroid was located in close proximity to my bladder, so each morning when the bladder needed to be emptied, it would push the fibroid closer to the skin’s surface, therefore I was able to feel it. Other than that, it was a ‘friendly’ fibroid & didn’t bring on painful or heavy periods. Every woman I've spoken to about this topic, either has fibroids, has had fibroids in the past, or knows of someone with fibroids -which leads me to question WHY & HOW something so prevalent & known about, can still be such a mystery to medical science??? We as the human race have spent millions & millions on all sorts of ventures which don't affect the lives of the general population  in any positive way. Things which certainly don't improve the quality or standard of living for the majority of us. “We've“ been to the moon & back, we’ve ‘conquered’ the highest summits & peaks on the face of the planet, & we’ve sent spacecrafts  into orbit to crash into galactic bodies, in order to gather more information about ‘what's out there’, but we can't figure out what's happening right here in the human body? Somehow we have no answers, solutions or cures, for the things & ills threathening the very existence of humanity. That's very curious to me, especially because someone is making money from all of this , & lots of it! In other words , to 'someone' you & I are worth more- sick or dead, than we are worth -alive & healthy- but that's a whole nother rant, Back to the point! In the cases I know of, women with this condition, usually have  multiple fibroids: large fibroids, medium fibroids, small fibroids, & usually a combination of sizes. I, on the other hand, had one singular fibroid, & that led me to believe that the cause of my fibroid must have been very specific. I also know that, over 50% of the times, if you get Fibroids once, you’re likely to get them again. I’m convinced that this happnes when the initial cause remains ‘un-known’ & of course, the cycle of cause & effect repeats.
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