Fibroid Series Part VI- My road back to health I had some serious life-style choices & changes to make, to make sure I never get fibroids again. This involved introducing some new things, & kicking some old habits. I Stopped using all forms of hormonal contraceptives I vowed to never touch toxic hair straightening creams again- just for added good health. I threw out 99% of all the products I sooo loved & had been using forever, & switched to         natural cosmetics & intimate products I’m always reluctant to endorse/ encourage the use of any specific product, simply because I’m not a scientist & I have no idea of the substances going into products despite the labels. So the less ‘stuff’ I put into & onto my body, the better. All I can do, is try products that I think are safer & see how my body reacts to them. My after wash skin care products are-  Shea butter, un-refined, coconut oil, jojoba oil,  & regular, white, household vinegar as deodorant. ( I DO smell like salad for a few minutes until the vinegar dries, but, I don’t get irritations or rashes from it, & it effectively kills the bacteria leaving me fresh & clean, without harming my body) I try to get 20-30 minute sun exposure whenever possible-just for good measure          Link between lack of Vitamin D & tumors. Now, I only use tampons when absolutely necessary, and NEVER over-night. I stick to sanitary towels. -Interestingly enough, in former times, the warning ‘never to leave tampons in over-night’ was printed on the outside of the box. Somehow, over time, this important information has managed to find its’ way into the box, in the form of small print in the leaflet         I’m already vegetarian, so it’s easier for me to avoid the hormone, anti-biotics injected meat products now on the market. As much as possible, I buy organic fruit & vegetables & tea. If not possible, I avoid products from countries with a reputation for sprayíng their produce with harmful chems. Less toxic products : Database of homemade alternatives for everything from make-up, skin care, intimate care & hair products. I’m now Fibroid free for 6 years & NOT counting. In 2012, I gave natural, home-birth to a healthy, beautiful boy. I watch what I put in, & on my body. I don’t automatically believe everything the doctors tell me. I do my research & I know my body. Long & healthy life to you. xox       
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