What I needed to get A seamless, WIDE toothed comb (for detangling) A gentle, sulfate-free shampoo (sulfates are much harsher on already drier, curly African hair) A good leave in conditioner - My personal fave - ' Kinky Curly Knot-today ‘ leave-in (LI) conditioner A satin scarf for my head (to sleep in to protect hair from frictional breakage) Just the way mama insisted when I was a little girl! Lots of oils- Jojoba, Coconut, Tea-tree , Shea butter & Olive oil are my favourites (be sure to get 100% oils or organic when possible). Remember oils are not moisturisers, they simply lock in moisture & help with moisture retention.The aforementioned oils are excellent for both skin & hair. NB to always very carefully read the contraindication for the use of essential oils, as these oils are very strong & may not always be suitable under certain circumstances. A spray bottle to mix my conditioner & water , for better & more even  distribution on my hair. A diffuser for my hair dryer .
Tea Tree
“Do not remove the kinks from your hair, remove them from your brain” Marcus Garvey 
Shea Butter