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    What I know so far          Tips for a healthy head of hair Know your hair type-different hair types have different needs Focus on length retention & preservation Protect your protective layer (cuticle) keep it sealed (closed) Always do a cold water (not hot water)  final rinse after washing-cold water seals your cuticles Raised (open) cuticles leave hair prone to tangles, matting, dehydration & dullness (therefore the hair cannot reflect light well) Scalp stimulation-regular scalp massages stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which in turn stimulates healthy  hair growth. Nutrients i.e healthy diet feeds your hair from the inside out Hydrate - water inside the body (by drinking) =happier hair. Water\water based products are best for hydrating hair. NB. to always seal cuticles with oil after wetting hair. Minimum manipulation-avoid unnecessary combing, touching, tugging, rough handling of hair & frequent styilng to reduce cuticle damage Avoid hairstyles which cause tension on your scalp & hair follicles, as this will lead to hair loss. Avoid direct heat on the hair (heat kills the protein & moisture in your hair = breakage & damage) Avoid chemicals -eg. relaxers, bleaches & chemical dyes, as they strip the hair’s cuticle. They penetrate the hair shaft in order to change the hair’s makeup by breaking the keratin bonds responsible for hair strength, therefore leaving hair very dry & prone to damage Parting your hair into manageable sections & shampooing in front of the mirror (instead of in the shower), reduces the risk of mechanical damage. Cleanse hair well as often as necessary to keep scalp clean & healthy & to eliminate build -up  (once weekly should be enough depending on your scalp sebum production levels & product use) Condition religiously.Conditioned hair = hydrated happy hair.
closed cuticle
“Do not remove the kinks from your hair, remove them from your brain” Marcus Garvey 
open cuticle