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What also helps In sections, GENTLY comb-scratch scalp to remove dirt/ dead skin cells prior to washing (optional & controversial) Detangle hair GENTLY while hair is damp to lessen the stress on your tresses. Avoid detangling soaking wet,  or dry hair. Always seal hair  with oil after washing, keeps hair hydrated for longer by locking in the moisture (remember your ends are the oldest part of the hair therefore most prone to damage) Wet hair on top of wet hair can cause tangles (due to raised cuticles) Drying hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel reduces breakage. There is no need to rub back & forth, patting & dabbing is sufficient. Blow drying semi-dry hair instead of wet hair = less risk of breakage. Never blow dry or comb soaking wet hair, as hair is most fragile when it’s wet & this can cause breakage. Using a diffuser on your hair dryer helps to protect your hair from the harsh heat. Use a wide-toothed, seamless comb when styling (if combing is necessary) Personally, I think combs are overrated, my fingers do the job just fine. Never force a comb through your hair if it gets stuck (treat your hair like you would silk) When Combing, always  start from the ends working up to the roots without pulling. Limit or cut out the use of direct heat on your hair, as heat causes damage to your cuticles, therefore drying & damaging your hair. When flat ironing your hair (if you must) , use ONLY heat protectors, not creams or oils,  otherwise you  literally fry your hair Re-do plaits & twists every 2 weeks to prevent knotting at the roots Keeping your hair’s PH levels around 5, is key for strong, resilient hair. ACV          decreases your ph level, & adding a quarter teaspoon of baking soda to your conditioner, will help raise the ph.
“Do not remove the kinks from your hair, remove them from your brain” Marcus Garvey